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Refund policy

Return or exchange

You can exchange or return a product within 14 days of receiving it. Articles may be viewed and tried on, as you would in the store, unless otherwise specified below. Conditions for returning are that the product is in the original packaging, is complete and not damaged. stockings, lingerie and petticoats cannot be returned.

In almost all cases, the costs for returning are paid for by the customer. Use the return form to return the product. Describe briefly why the product returns and state the order number. After receipt, we will return the amount within 14 days or send the new product (free of charge) to you.

For the return of products to In White Shop we use a few precautions regarding fitting of products:

Stockings, slips and petticoat/hoop skirts cannot be returned. For the return of other products you can use the supplied return form. Shoes can be returned, but make sure you stand on a soft surface such as carpeting or a towel when fitting. If the soles are damaged, we cannot take them back. Also ensure that the packaging of the products is undamaged.

Complaint or defect

If the product you purchased at www.inwhiteshop.com breaks down after a while and you believe that this should not be possible under normal use, you can submit a complaint.

Send an e-mail to info@inwhiteshop.nl with a description and photos of the complaint. We will deal with the complaint within three working days and, in the case of a well-founded complaint, we will ensure a suitable solution within 14 days. If you have a complaint that needs to be resolved urgently due to an upcoming wedding, state this in your e-mail.

If the product is still available, we will send you a new one. If this product is no longer in stock, we can refund the purchase amount to your account.