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Coloring shoes before or after your wedding can be arranged through In White if you have also purchased your shoes from our shop. After the wedding your shoes are sometimes damaged or dirty. We therefore recommend that you color your shoes in a dark color such as black or dark blue. If you have a different color, this is also possible, but stains and damage will remain visible. For a specific color you must provide a sample of the color. Bear in mind that the shoes are not water resistant and are therefore not suitable for walking in the rain!

New shoes without stains can be colored in any desired shade. For the best results, ensure that the sample is at least 5 at 5 cm.

The shoes that we can color are almost all satin and many of the lace shoes from our website. There are some exceptions when, for example, the fabric is pleated or when there are operations that we cannot dye. Send us an email via the contact form of info@inwhiteshop.nl with the name of your shoes, we can tell you if they can be colored. With most shoes it is also mentioned in the description of the shoe on the website.

The cost of coloring your shoes is € 45. You will receive them at your house after two to three weeks.