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If you do not work in bridal fashion yourself, it is virtually impossible to determine the correct size for your hoop skirt. That is why we have made this overview for you. Why do you actually need a hoop? Not only does a hoop skirt give the skirt more shape, it also ensures that walking is easier and it can really get very hot under your skirt without one. Of course there are chiffon or sometimes lace dresses that are made of very light materials that makes a hoop unnecessary, but with fuller skirts it is better to choose a hoop skirt.

There are no set rules for choosing the right hoop skirt for your dress. It is best to look at the examples below and then determine your size. Do you have a fairly slim dress that you would like to be a little wider then use a small hoop skirt. You can't choose a wide hoop skirt all the time because the skirt of your wedding dress contains an inner skirt that won't stretch! Contact form. You can do the view hoops here and order.

190 hoop skirt for an almost straight dresses

This hoop skirt has a single ring and an all-around width of 1.90M. This is for dresses that have an almost straight skirt, but the hoop skirt will give you that extra space to move around.

230 hoop skirt for a narrow A-line

230 is the most used hoop skirt for a modified A-line. This skirt is 2.30M all around and gives extra volume that the dress needs. This style is also available with a single ring, but because most skirts weigh a lot we would opt for a skirt with two rings.

270 hoop skirt for the perfect A-line

With an A-line this is our favorite hoop skirt. This style gives the skirt the volume it needs and ensures that you have enough room to walk in with the dress.

335 hoop skirt for semi princess look

Do you have a very wide skirt, but you don't want it to look super puffy, then an 335 hoop perfect for you. This style has sufficient volume, without it already starting to puff at your hips.

360 hoop skirt for the princess look

It is possible to wear a princess dress with a 270 hoop, but if you want the dress to be very wide, choose the 360 hoop. This starts from the top with extra ruffles, so you really get the "puffy" effect.

Mermaid hoop skirt for sexy hips

Many options are available for the mermaid or fit & flare skirt. Some brides wear a mermaid dress with a standard 1.90 which is also great, but this is our favorite hoop for the mermaid wedding dress. Don't wear a mermaid or fit & flare dress without a hoop skirt! The skirt needs the extra support to make the silhouette stand out nicely and moreover it is difficult enough to walk in a mermaid dress, let alone if you don't wear a hoop skirt underneath!

Petticoat for hip short dress

Under an 50 vintage style wedding dress you wear an extra petticoat. This gives the skirt extra volume, so if you like a little more volume then this is your style.

View these hoop skirts in the webshop and order the right one for your dream dress.